Monday, February 06, 2006

The XL Bowl - Morning After

If you're hoping to get on TV during the game, you already know that it behooves you to go to Office Depot beforehand to purchase one of those big-arse poster boards so you can write a catchy phrase that shares the initials of the broadcasting network. But please, please come up with something that at the very least makes sense. Last night, I saw someone holding a sign on my TV screen, and that sign said Absolute Bettis Championship. Please post comments to ths post with your better ideas. I need a little faith in the creativity of the general populace.

If you're a Seahawks fan, it's hard to figure which was more disappointing, the game or the commercials. (If you're a Steelers fan, of course, the answer is obvious. For the record, I'm neither, but I was pulling for Pittsburgh.) In my opinion, the winners were FedEx (humor wins over historical accuracy), CarreerBuilder.Com (I don't care what you say; primates are always funny), AmeriQuest ("Don't judge too quickly..."), Aleve (featuring Leonard Nimoy), Sprint (Keystone Cops!), and the feminist in me was really relieved to see the Dove ad for a self-image improvement program for girls. Although the Superbowl seemed like an odd place for the ad, it was a nice break from the women-as-objects spots we sat through for much of the rest of the game.

Speaking of which, the worst of the bunch was easily GoDaddy.Com. Do I even have to comment on this? Yeah, we vaguely remember something about a 'wardrobe malfunction' at a Super Bowl, and we remember your commercial from last year because you refered to it this year. Is that all you've got? Please. Sex sells, I guess, but GoDaddy's ad was awkward and confusing. Also getting failing grades were Honda for its Ridgeline and Cadillac for its Escalade (women as objects. Again.), Gillette (five blades? FIVE?), Desperate Housewives (please explain: what's funny about Shaq pretending to be sad about a miscarriage?), and a bunch of others which didn't really offend, but weren't worth the 86 grand per second that was ponied up to make the spot.

In other news, this is awesome.


Blogger spider said...

Do the ads get worse each year or do we? I was rooting for the Steelers until I notice unfair calls in their favor.

9:16 PM  

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