Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Me, who hesitates...

Every springtime when all the flora is in riot, I think about taking pictures. Of course, I usually think about this as I see something striking as I'm driving by -- say, a splash of purple flowers against the stoic grey side of an abandoned storage shed a few blocks from my house.

I thought about this Friday night, as I passed by said contrast of vivid living color and monochrome on Maple Road, and I told myself once again that springtime in Ann Arbor is fleeting, and I'd better hurry up and get around to taking that picture if I'm ever going to do it, because less hardy petals are already falling from plants in my front yard. I promptly forgot about it.

However, the next morning I was reminded about it again as I drove on a wet road past orange cones, a fire truck, and an empty spot on the side of the road where an old storage shed and a sprouting, defiant plant with purple flowers used to be. Apparently, the AAFD had a training session that morning.


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