Friday, September 22, 2006

You should hear how it sounds in my head

A list of things I've heard others say well, and sometimes practice saying out loud for myself:

"I mean, really." (David Sedaris)
"Who do you think you are? Just who the hell?" (various speakers)
"Oh I see." (Harry Shearer. This is spoken somewhat quickly, after pretending to misinterpret, and then figure out the intended meaning of, something that has been spoken or written.)
"Well, good afternoon!" (George Kell. This one has to be heard by the original speaker to really understand. Kell used to play for the Detroit Tigers, and then went on to the broadcast booth for play-by-play on WDIV, Channel 4, in Detroit. He'd start his telecasts on bright, sunny afternoon games with this greeting in his characteristic, enthusiastic, drawl, and then continue to tell his audience that it was a "beautiful day for baseball in downtown Detroit.")


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