Friday, July 28, 2006

My version of your story

I don't fit in with most of the personal blog demographic. This is because:

a) I am not a girl.
b) I am not a teenage girl.
c) I am not a post-college-aged woman.
d) I am not a mother.
e) I hate avatars (see a through d).
f) I am not a porn-obsessed teenage boy, college student, or post-college-aged man.
g) I do not pretend to believe that what I have to say could possibly be as close to interesting to you as it is to me.
A note of clarification: most of the blogs I read regularly also do not fall into the category described in g. So no, I'm not taking a shot at you, in case you're wondering.
h) When possible, I avoid emoticons and abbreviations in my blogs.
i) My rule regarding exclamation points: One in any given sentence is enough. More than one in any sentence are too many.

Not sure how I was going to get there, but the point I was going to eventually make was that there are abbreviations that I see in lots of blogs, that I have found to have more humorous alternatives. For example, DD is supposed to equal Dear Daughter. Granted, DD is tons easier to write, but in my head, I see it as Dungeons and Dragons. Or maybe, Double Density. DS equals Dear Son, but I read it as Double-Sided. OMG!!! is supposed to stand for Oh My G-d!!! but I think from now on, I'll read it as Old Man Garrett!!!

Plug these in to your favourite blog read, and tell me if it isn't more entertaining. You know, like MadLibs.

AFAIK = After Falling Asleep, I Kill
BIL = Bill
BTW = Booker T. Washington
DH = Designated Hitter
FIL = Filmore, California
FWIW = Fort Worth International Warehouse
GF = Goals For
IM = Inconvenient Mittelschmerz
IMO = International Maritime Organization
IMHO = I'm a Ho
J/K = Jack Kerouac
LOL = Land O' Lakes
OTOH = Oh! That's Orbison's House
SIL = Stuff Inside Lasagna
WTF? = Where's the Film?
YMMV = Your Mom's Motorized Vehicle

Feel free to add your own.


Blogger earthchick said...

Ooh, this is fun. How 'bout:

LMAO = Love, Mao
KWIM = Kissing With Infatuated Morons
MIL = Make It Last
ROFL = the sound you make when you're sick

BTW, FWIW, I spent way too much time coming up with these. OTOH, IMHO, it was worth it. KWIM? LOL!

2:57 PM  

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